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The importance of a large Corporation for our industry


By Pierre Couture

Being a bar owner means investing in your business, interacting with the public and enjoying the benefits of being your own boss. But be careful: by spending all our time and energy in our establishments, it is easy to forget that the world keeps turning. The bar industry is not receiving unanimous approval. It is an easy target for the influencers of public opinion and government policy makers.

You already know how the prohibition of smoking in our institutions has affected you. We are now looking at expensive training for our staff. We are also forced to consider screening minors on our terraces; a place that should be reserved for those old enough to drink alcohol.

You see that this is unreasonable and that the powers that be do not understand the realities of our industry. You would like to protest to defend your livelihood, but where do you start? Should you prepare an effective communication strategy that will have a strong impact? It’s not your job. Who would you turn to in order to be heard? You do not know anyone in government.

As you can see, when you are alone, it is very difficult to create an awareness campaign, to be aware of all government projects related to our industry, to raise awareness among public opinion, to meet with those who make laws and to explain the facts.

The CPBBTQ has taken on this role. Since its inception in 1993, the organization has been working to protect your interests. Its directors are tenants like you, with the same interests as you. They study bills, circulate information and align with groups that are also interested in alcohol consumption. Your contributions, managed with great caution, enable the Corporation to pay for all professional services necessary to in-fluence the government, such as studies, surveys and public relations experts. Have you thought about giving a little of your time? In addition to asserting your claims with the government, you will learn to take a fresh look at the profession, be at the

forefront of all the trends and make meaningful connections with other partners. Sounds great, right? We will wait for you!

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