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Smoking on terraces: an accepted cohabitation

The government seems to have a lot plans for our industry. Some of them will undoubtedly please some militant groups, but if we do not take action now, these plans will make life difficult for tenants – if they do not cause us to lose  our customers altogether, which has been the case in the past!

Bill No. 68 represents a fine example. If accepted, this legislation would allow minors to frequent the terraces of bars until 11 p.m. without any parental supervision. This measure directly conflicts with the government’s current approach, which is to reduce and controlalcohol consumption among young people.

The CPBBTQ had been preparing for months andimmediately communicated its dissatisfaction. The morning after the bill was deposited; media across Quebec had received the Corporations position and mobilized public opinion against the legislation.Minister Dutil had to turn around. The next offensive in this matter will be held in the Committee on Institutions, scheduled for mid-September this year.

Another issue that deserves our attention, and that we have spent the past year preparing for, is the ban on smoking on outdoor patios. The CPBBTQ has been watching and will be informed in priority of any new bill that would ban smoking on patios.

In line with its commitment to members, last year the Corporation commissioned a survey to learn more about what customers think about smoking on terraces. The study has provided a number of strong arguments and we are ready, in the event that the governmentdecides to go ahead with this project.

The study was conducted among 2,030 respondents from Quebec in August 2011. Two findings emerged. First, smokers are the biggest users of outdoor terraces: 21% of them frequent a terrace every week, compared with only 12% of nonsmokers. Secondly, smokers and nonsmokers coexist very well: 57% of nonsmokersbelieve that the airflow on terraces is good and as aresult they are not bothered by the smoke. The study also found that the current situation is an acceptable compromise for the majority of people. Moreover, a smoking ban on terraces would have a devastatingeffect on attendance. With this information in hand, the Corporation has already begun meeting with senior members of government and is preparing for a major media outreach, in the event the government decides to proceed.

Help us spread the word, anyone that wants to ban smoking on patios will find the CPBBTQ on its trail!

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