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Pizza Pizza

pizzaPizza Pizza is a Canadian owned company with over 600 restaurants or kiosks in the country and 30 in the province of Québec. It is Canada´s pizza pioneer and one of the country´s most successful quick service restaurant chains. With its first store opening in Toronto in 1967, Pizza Pizza has established a strong brand name and reputation in Ontario and the rest of the country before undertaking a national expansion several years ago. It boast today a working force of over 3,500 dedicated people throughout the country striving to ensure that the best food is served day-after-day.

As Pizza Pizza continues it’s aggressive expansion initiatives, it is reaching out to the entrepreneurial members of the CPBBTQ to promote its franchise program and the opportunities it has to offer. Info-Bars met with Pierre Filion and asked him a few questions.

Our readers that might be interested in such a franchise have business experience but not necessarily restaurant industry experience. Is that an issue?

No, not at all. We offer a comprehensive training program at our highly – acclaimed Pizza Pizza Training Center. While some areas of the curriculum will be familiar, such as entrepreneurial training, general management and customer service, we also offer training in financial management, in restaurant operation and in the all important cooking skills necessary to prepare all of our menu items. Our franchisee’s most important asset is to be flexible and able to align with the organizational, operational and marketing direction of Pizza Pizza.
How much is the Pizza Pizza franchise fee and what is it you get with that fee?

Our franchise fee is $30,000. The franchise fee secures the right to own and operate a Pizza Pizza franchise in a given territory and the use of the Pizza Pizza trademarks, trade name, recipes and retail marketing plan. But that fee also provides you with numerous Pizza Pizza services :

  • Site selection, lease negotiation, design  and construction
  • Assistance from franchise operations experts both before and after the opening of your restaurant
  • State-of-the-art distribution centre and Centralized Commissary
  • Administrative systems
  • Comprehensive training program consisting of classroom instruction and practical restaurant experience
  • Operational support
  • Financing assistance is available to qualified purchasers

So, as you can see, our franchisee is supported throughout the entire purchase process and thereafter.

While the fee seems to buy plenty and the support services really great, how much money would a potential buyer need to get going and to open its own Pizza Pizza franchise?

In order to obtain financing from a chartered bank or trust company, you must have at least 30 to 40 % of the purchase price as an unencumbered cash down payment.

If one of our members was interested in purchasing a Pizza Pizza franchise but felt more comfortable doing so with a business partner, would that be an issue for Pizza Pizza?

Not at all. Pizza Pizza welcomes the purchase of a franchise by two or more partners, as long as the operating partner retains at least 25 % equity in the business.

I am sure our members understand that being a franchisee comes with some financial obligations towards the franchisor. Can you tell us what does obligations are?

There are two fees that are payable to Pizza Pizza by the franchisee. One is the royalty fee, which is for having ongoing access to our strong brand and reputation and the other fee is the advertising fee to benefit from our marketing expertise and advertising programs. Our royalty fee is 6%.  In addition our franchisees must contribute approximately 6% of sales for advertising, payable to Pizza Pizza on a weekly basis.

What is the average size and capacity of a Pizza Pizza restaurant?

The typical size of a Pizza Pizza restaurant averages 1,800 sq. ft. and seating for 10 – 20. Keep in mind that Pizza Pizza is the market leader in the delivery segment. Therefore, the number of seats in our establishments does not limit sales. But seating does add a great dimension to our restaurants. Trends indicate that people like to sit and relax even if it is a quick lunch or snack. By providing a fresh décor, friendlier atmosphere and a place to sit, we can fulfill their needs for a fresh and hot piece of pizza while relaxing for the short time they will need to appreciate our products.

Contrary to other types of restaurants, the delivery segment allows for continued year over year same store sales growth because we have the advantage of simply adding more delivery drivers to welcome the extra volume unlike full service restaurants that generally can’t accommodate more customers once their tables fill out. This has allowed us to enjoy above industry average sales per square foot of space leased.

What does Pizza Pizza look for in their franchise partners in order to ensure the restaurants maintain this image?

As a customer in any restaurant, first impressions are very important. A smile, great products and a clean restaurant can take you a long way. Therefore, we look for individuals with a strong work ethic, who are able to work well with their staff, show leadership, manage cash, have a friendly attitude, possess excellent communication skills, and are able and willing to commit to the long hours and service excellence necessary to successfully operate their own business.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit and an understanding of the importance of community involvement are also a must.

After reading this article, what would be the next step for a person interested in obtaining a Pizza Pizza franchise?

Anyone interested in acquiring a franchise should contact me at 514 294-3983 or by sending me an email to  I will be more than happy to answer any other question and to provide them additional information.Screen 2015-09-14 à 15.14.38


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