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Minors on terraces? NO THANKS!

On April 24, the Minister of Public Security, Robert Dutil, tabled in the National Assembly Bill No. 68, amending the Act respecting liquor permits . This project features several changes are long overdue, but few omissions and a controversial disposition that would allow young people under 18 years to attend the terraces of bars without any parental supervision, until 23 hours.

The Board of CPBBTQ gasped by being informed of this proposal. To us, it constitutes a real social nonsense. The terraces are not a place for young people who are not old enough to drink alcohol. It also opens the door to many abuses and promises to complicate the work of owners and tenants which is already difficult. Finally, these young people would occupy seats normally reserved for paying guests.

The Corporation could not let such a measure be applied and she quickly responded. Starting April 25, she publicly made known its dissatisfaction through a press release. It stated that this measure is « completely irreconcilable with the approach currently being undertaken by the government acknowledged to reduce alcohol consumption among young people» and that she « particularly would complicate the application of the recent zero tolerance policy for young drivers less than 22 years ».

This message was well received by the Quebec media, who relayed without much persuasion. Newspapers such as La Presse , the Journal de Montréal , the Journal de Québec  as well as The Gazette,  to name a few, interviewed Robert Dutil about it. All this attention given to the position of the Corporation prompted the minister to turn around and publicly announce he was ready to change his bill. The Corporation will discuss it a parliamentary committee this fall.

But the intervention of the Corporation does not end here. Another issue dear to his heart: the extension of the evacuation period of customers to closure of premises, to meet the needs of “ride- home” services. The CPBBTQ called for meetings with Bertrand St-Arnaud, spokesman for the Official Opposition for public safety, and Sylvie Roy, from Coalition pour l’Avenir du Québec (CAQ), to discuss this issue. It also plans to call for amendments to provisions relating to staff training in the industry.

These are important issues that will have a lasting impact on our members. The Corporation can rely on strong allies in this fight. EducAlcool is also opposed to the proposal that juveniles attend the terraces without parental supervision, and that Operation Nez Rouge supports the proposal to extend the evacuation of customers.

But the greatest support, is yours. The one you give us by joining the CPBBTQ and participating in our activities. Your commitment helps us to consolidate our assets and the balance of forces between our industry and the Quebec government. This is our best defense against a government apparatus whose decisions directly affect our industry.

Renaud Poulin


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